Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Working Again After Outages on Sunday

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Working Again After Outages on Sunday

Facebook Inc. Endured its third major outage this year, with users across the world Struggling to access the social network or its Own Suite of services such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook and Instagram were accessible on Sunday morning for several hours using both sites refusing to refresh, whereas messages were unable to be sent or received in WhatsApp or the Messengerprogram.

Downdetector, a site that tracks website outages, reported problems using Facebook beginning as early as 6.30am Sunday morning in New York.

“Earlier today, some folks may have experienced difficulty connecting to the family of programs. The issue has since been resolved; we’re sorry for any inconvenience,” he said in an email.

The social media networks have been back up and running at New York by 9.30am, but irate users switched to Twitter to port during the blackout.

“Ok… who broke #Facebook?” “What is wrong with Facebook,” Kularakkhita asked in a tweet from Thailand. “All Facebook services are down,” explained Daniel Chernenkov at Israel.

In late January, the Instagram app crashed, and WhatsApp users globally were unable to send or receive messages. Last month, Facebook confronted its most widespread and persistent system outage, with users unable to get the social network for more than 12 hours.

The outages add to the woes of Facebook, currently embattled by revelations it has failed to safeguard user information or stanch the spread of hate speech, fake news and other sorts of disinformation.


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