Exercises to getting Rid of Dual Chin


Related imageIf you gain weight it affects your Own Face as much as it Impacts your stomach.

Double chin occurs when there is an accumulation of extra fat below your chin. It is not necessary that only people who are overweight will have a double chin. Anyone can get a double chin but it’s mostly associated with weight gain. A double chin can be quite unattractive. Almost every girl wishes to have a sharp jawline with no fat under the chin. A double chin can also be known as submental fat which develops slowly due to many factors. Changes in your daily diet, as well as a few exercises, can help you to get rid of double chin. Read on to learn few exercises to decrease the extra layers under the chin. These exercises are targeted exercises which will stretch your facial muscles to lose the excess fat around your face. They’ll reduce the extra weight below the chin and around the jawlines, and also will also raise firmness in the skin around the face.

Touch your nose

You may have done this many times on your youth for fun. It’s a simple exercise to get rid of double chin. With this exercise stick out your tongue as much as possible. Now attempt to touch your nose with the tip of your tongue. Keep your lips relaxed during the exercise. This exercise will place a strain on the muscles around your jawline and neck.

Mirror the ceiling

This is thought of as the best exercise to reduce double chin. Sit straight and lift up your face. Try to pull your lips as far as possible. Now hold this place and count till 10. Now come back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for at least 5 times to see effective results.

Resistance on the chin

Put your fists under your chin and maintain then firm. Now try to push your chin downwards in your fists. While pressing your chin against your fists, you should increase the force slowly. When you feel maximum resistance hold the place for 3-4 minutes. Later contact the starting position and repeat this exercise 5-6 times.

Fish pace

It is another means to reduce double chin as well as puffy cheeks. To make a fish face suck your lips and attempt to hold this place for at least 10 minutes. You should make a fishy face at least 5-6 times a day. Fish face is better to reduce fat from cheeks but in addition, it affects the muscles around your jawline.

These exercises will help you lose extra fat below your chin but it’s also advisable to take good care of what you consume. You should avoid fatty foods and should only eat healthy fats. Processed foods and carbonated beverages should also be rigorously limited. With a few dietary changes and regular exercise, you’ll get rid of double chin gradually.


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