Economics and Misunderstanding of a Separate Federal Reserve Bank


Image result for Federal Reserve BankIt seems these days that there is just far too much misunderstanding when it comes to capitalism and economics in our great nation. Further most folks in America don’t understand why we need a Federal Reserve that is separate from the Federal Government, nevertheless, let me take you through some of my thoughts on these issues, so at least you can hear the other side of the argument. Okay so, let’s talk.
Not long ago, an acquaintance mentioned that he wasn’t so enthralled with idea of the Federal Reserve Bank, and didn’t believe a private bank should be able to yield that much power over a Nation’s economy. Yes, okay, I get that point of contention, and yet, it’s just that I don’t trust the government to stop spending us into oblivion.
So, in the case of the United States, the FED is a balance to bad government with runaway spending, and we all know that when socialist leaning governments also hold the purse strings in democracies they just keep spending until they implode. Boom and Bust is no fun when an economy goes back to nothing to start all over again. In any case the FED is run by humans and the government is run by humans, and humans seem to be their own weakest link.
Of course, the Federal Reserve has to work with the government too, and if the government keeps wasting and spending, eventually the whole thing gets out of whack, and if more money is printed then all money eventually becomes worth less, and less, until it is actually worthless. Should the EU create its own Federal Reserve type system there, Well, this is another interesting topic isn’t it,
You see, inevitably there will be one giant global economy, one world currency, and one system, but I am not for collapsing everything into world-wide crisis to have that happen, it has to happen eventually, but should not be at the expense of 7 billion people’s life-experience leaving them in shambles. When I say inevitably, I am really looking ahead 50-75 years, and who knows maybe you my reader won’t even be around then, so this part of our conversation here today might not be relevant to you,
Before we condemn the Federal Reserve as the problem of our economic ills, let’s consider the what things would be like if our elected leaders promised the voters more and more, and kept printing more money and spending without regard, Have you ever looked at the historical economic collapse of other nations around the world – that’s generally how it all starts. Please consider all this and think on it.


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