‘Dr. Mario World’ Mobile Game Announced by Nintendo, Line

'Dr. Mario World' Mobile Game Announced by Nintendo, Line

“Dr. Mario World”, its latest cellular name featuring popular Nintendo personalities, will be published in mid-2019, the Kyoto-based firm said in a announcement .

Nintendo should discover new sources of revenue to cancel its aging 3DS handheld device, although releasing cellular names with DeNA Co and CyberAgent it’s yet to score a big hit.

The company will undershoot its target of releasing two to three cellular titles in the fiscal year ending March after saying on Thursday that name Mario Kart Tour needed more work and pushing the release date back to mid-2019.

It is targeted for release this summer.

“Under this collaboration, we intend to release Dr. Mario World in early summer 2019 for the worldwide marketplace, such as Japan and the United States,” said Nintendo President Shuntaro Furakawa in a prepared statement.

“We shall continue actively contemplating partnership opportunities with other businesses if we encounter great proposals. In the mobile business, we plan to make contact points between Nintendo IP and customers all over the globe through multiple applications and to realize our overall business goals such as business scale growth.”

This comes a day after the company stalled Mario Kart Tour for Android and iOS. The main reason behind the delay of this game, as Nintendo puts it, is to improve upon its quality.

“At the smart-device business, Mario Kart Tour was scheduled to be released this fiscal year, but in order to improve quality of this application and enlarge the material offerings following launch, the release date was moved to summer 2019,” read Nintendo’s latest financial report.

“As we all endeavour to come up with future planned applications, we will also concentrate on continuing service operations for software which have been released that customers can enjoy playing them for a long time.”


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