Don’t Let You the Monthly Price Fool You


Image result for Monthly Price Fool YouWith times being so tough, many health insurance carriers have come out with new lower cost health insurance plans in the last year . As much as everyone would like to save money per month, you need to be sure you know which health coverages you are giving up for the low price. These are things to think about before you apply for a low cost health insurance plan.
1. Do I have any doctors visits with this plan,
A number of companies are coming out with lower cost plans that give you two office visits right away. The visits can come in very handy if you are someone who doesn’t meet their deductible. Your yearly preventive care can be used toward this visit or any other kind of office visit for usually around $40.
2. If my plan does offer office visits, do I get them before or after the deductible,
On a number of plans with Anthem Blue Cross will give you unlimited office visits but it is after your CO-Pay limit is met. This may confuse some people since the plans says unlimited office visits but you could find yourself with large bills after you realize that it is after.
3. Will my deductible be waived for my Preventive Care services,
If you are someone who never uses your Insurance other then for your once a year Physical or OBGYN, then this could be the policy for you. If you have health insurance in case of emergency’s, there are low cost plans that will give you your preventive care deductible waived or free. If your deductible is waive you will just pay the co-pay for the treatment.
4. What is my Copay Limit/Stop-Loss for the Calendar year,
All Health Insurance policies have a CO-Pay Limit, which is the most one will spend in a year on all medical bills. The Co-Pay limit is your worst case scenario for a calendar year. A few of the lower cost plans have as low as $4,900 a year.


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