Don’t Let Successful Farmers Succeed and Buy More Land – Says Fidel Castro


Image result for Fidel CastroIs there any honor in strict adherence to political correctness or treating everyone as equal regardless of effort, performance, or earnest attempts at trying, Of course not, but if you listen to many people these days they fall down in the logical reasoning of this obvious fact, and therefore fall-back on political correctness thought processes which have been indoctrinated onto the masses. Okay so, now I’ve made a new friend in you, or you want to clobber me – either way, let’s talk and consider a few arguments here shall we,
The Communist Leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro when asked about free-market capitalism for farming to boost production considered the concept absurd. Even when he was told that it had been working so well in China with an underground farmer economy, that the communists allowed it to ensure the increased productivity and crop yields remained high. Still, Fidel Castro thought it unfair and unjust and stated;
“No farmers can buy land, otherwise the larger more efficient farmers would buy up all the land from the smaller farmers which are not as efficient and that wouldn’t be right or fair for equality.”
If Fidel Castro really cared about the people he’d want the most efficient farms which would lower the cost of food and create abundance to feed all the people. Isn’t that the goal of a communist state, Why wouldn’t he do what worked, Free-market capitalism works, and communism, well not so much – besides it makes people miserable and denies them freedom and liberty. So, why was Castro so adamant about free-market farming,
Was he too worried that the large farmers would grow too powerful and overthrow his regime, after all, it was the farmers led by Castro himself who overthrew the last regime. Was he worried about monopolies, That’s strange communist nations are “one giant monopoly” in reality.
Okay so, if you are a socialist or communist maybe you agree with Castro. Fine, whatever, it’s hard to knock sense into someone who has already made up their mind. Nevertheless, let me try once more with yet another example;
In China a communist leader once told Peter Drucker on a visit while looking over a very large work crew; “we use shovels instead of tractors so we can put more people to work and employ more labor” and so Peter Drucker stated; “well then, why don’t you use spoons instead, then you could employ the who country.”
Now then, when Obama says he has shovel ready jobs for Americans, well that’s nice, but in an Obama Economy, in that future, eventually we’d all be using spoons and doing busy work in trade for pittance and food scraps after the great crash and bankruptcy of our nation. No thanks. Take that future utopian nonsense and shovel it yourself.
Please consider all this and think on it.
Update and Additional Recommended Reading:
Interestingly enough, to further this discussion, you might be seek out an article in Medical Xpress Online News titled; “New finding offers neurological support for Adam Smith’s theories of morality,” posted on April 9, 2012 about a paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.. The article stated; “The part of the brain we use when engaging in egalitarian behavior may also be linked to a larger sense of morality, researchers have found. Their conclusions, which offer scientific support for Adam Smith’s theories of morality, are based on experimental research.”


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