Dogs Life Span – Best Tips Revealed


Image result for Dogs Life SpanDo you know that your dog is at the complete mercy of all the choices you make for his health and well-being, The options you have and the choices you make will not only affect how long your dog will be with you, but also the comfort and quality of life he has while he is with you. So, if you really want to know how to extend dog life span easily, read the tips given in this article:
1. Most male dogs grow much larger than of the female dogs. As a general tip, they should not be sterilized until they reach 1 year old because they are in need of further testosterone which is said to be helpful with the development of their muscles.
2. Overweight dogs are not ideal. There have been research done that says that when a dog is obese or nearly overweight, their lifespan is being decreased by 1.8 years. It may sound alarming for dog lovers so what they do is control the intake of food of their dogs. However, it does not necessarily imply that they should not be given foods that they want to eat. Limitation can be of great help.
Being lean is being healthy for them. They should not be overweight and at the same time, underweight. When we feed them, we should consider giving them the balanced diet that they need. In that way, we are promoting a healthy approach for our dogs and pets.
3. When looking for the food of your dog, it is always good to check on the label. The first thing that you should check would be the calcium phosphorus ratio. It should be 1.2:1. This ratio is highly recommended because they need this for their growth and bone structure.
4. Not all the vaccines that are posted in the web are helpful. It is always good to act your veterinarian which ones are the most effective.
5. Asking advice and doing research is a good way to extend the life span of your pet or dog. When it comes to nutrition, you can find a lot of helpful tips online that would help you a lot in giving care to your pet.
6. Stay away from corns. Not everyone may know this but corn is definitely a big no for dog food. In fact, corn is considered to be a source of dog allergens. The reason for this is that they cannot be digested easily and is considered a poor source for protein.
7. Probably not everyone is aware that there are commercially sold dog foods that are not advisable to be consumed by our dogs. Well, these dog foods are said to have this “cancer-causing agents” content. With that, we should be more cautious when choosing the food that we give our dogs so that we will be able to extend the dog life span.
Actually, extending the dog life span of our pet is not really that difficult. We should only be aware and watchful with the things that can greatly affect the decrease of their lifespan. We love our dogs and if only possible, we want them to be with us forever but that does not happen so extending is already enough.


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