Do You Have a System For Success


Image result for System For SuccessOne of the things that separates a successful business from one that struggles is the systems they have in place. Why do you think people will invest over a MILLION dollars for a McDonald’s franchise. Not only do they have to make that initial investment to get things started they also pay an ongoing royalty to the company.
Do you think they do it because they feel charitable to the Golden Arches, I really doubt it. What does any franchise system bring to the table that we can learn from and duplicate in our own business. Every franchise that has been successful brings a set of systems to the person who buys it. So do you have a system for success in your life,
We all have systems we use in our life. Most of us have habits that we have subconsciously developed over time. They weren’t developed with a view to the future and how they would impact us and our chances for success.
Plato once said that an unexamined life was not worth living. Have you examined the habits that form your systems, Or are you crashing through life without a thought of how you are going to improve in the future,
Do you watch NASCAR races, I admit I don’t very often but my dad is a big fan. I sit and watch with him on Sunday afternoon at times. I learned a lot just watching the pit crews work. In the pit every second counts. It can make the difference between 1st place and being middle of the road. When you watch those guys perform, you see a very well tuned and practiced system.
Did they start that way, Get some vintage footage of NASCAR races. You will see pit crews that aren’t nearly as efficient or fast as they are today. They have developed better systems over time. In some cases they developed new technology to speed things up. They no longer clean the windows but peel a portion of it off. It is faster and gives a better result too.
Now let’s look at some places in your life that you can use systems.
1) Morning routine – I once took a class in process optimization where we focused on our morning routine. From getting out of bed to arriving at work. We laid out every action we took, how long it took, and identified places we could improve. It was pretty amazing how much time you can save in the morning when you have a consistent system to follow.
2) Paying bills – Bills show up at different times during the month. Having a consistent system for dealing with them can have some significant impact on your future wealth. It can help you avoid late fees and higher interest charges on credit cards. It can have a significant impact on your credit score as well. With online bill pay programs provided by most banks, it makes a lot of sense to look at how you handle your bills and see if you can develop a stronger system.
3) Running a business – If you run your own business you definitely need to look at the systems you have in place. Systems for attracting new customers, paying vendors, inventory management, payroll management, paying your taxes, and general operating procedures. Systems in your business can have a HUGE impact in our profitability and the time we have available to enjoy the fruits of our reward.
4) Many other places – You can find many places in your life to implement systems. Each one should be designed to look at time utilization, cost and effectiveness.
The biggest secret to success is finding a system that works and replicating it. We need to be careful though that we don’t develop a system to make efficient what should not be done at all.
If you don’t have a system for success in your life or are looking to find a better way to do things, there is some really good free training available. The best I have found is located here – Free Success System Training. Check it out, It will make some awesome changes in your life.


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