Democrats Claim Romney’s 5-Point Economic Plan Doesn’t Add Up – Sure It Does, Let Me Explain


Image result for Economic PlanIndeed, I am amazed how the political operatives for the Obama reelection campaign are busy claiming that Mitt Romney’s five-point economic plan doesn’t add up, and that it won’t work. I find this funny because they are diverting attention to the fact that their economic plan, the one they have been running for the last four years has been a complete and utter disaster. We have the same number of people out of work as we did when the Obama Administration started, and they’ve had four years to implement their policy to revive our economy and get us out of the recession. They have failed.
What I find unfortunate is that while they are attacking Romney’s five-point plan they are completely mischaracterizing what he is saying. They are telling the American people that his plan can’t work because he cannot close the budget deficit that the Obama Administration created without raising taxes. What they’re failing to understand is that Romney’s plan will work by reducing the burden on small businesses, which are big job creators. The more people they hire, the more people that will be paying into the system, therefore the government will have more revenue. It’s not rocket science, or complex math, this is really simple stuff.
What the Obama political operatives are not doing is explaining the increased value of more revenue to the government. They are pretending that it doesn’t exist, that it can’t exist, because Obama was unable to do it. However, the reason that Obama was unable to do this is because of his socialist left-leaning political displacement (similar to the European leaders, look what’s happened there), as well as the fact that they blew hundreds of billions of dollars in government grants, giveaways, tax credits, and guaranteed taxpayer loans to their crony capitalist political campaign contributors in the alternative energy sector.
Further, their policies and overregulation on fossil fuels has cost the consumer dearly in high gasoline prices. The high fuel prices are like a tax on the entire economy, they are preventing airlines from making a profit, hurting the trucking industry, increasing the price on everything which is delivered by truck, train, plane, or ship, which is basically everything which means the consumer has less money to spend, not to mention the four dollars a gallon for gas.
If we take away those mistakes made by the Obama Administration, and focus on our small business job creators, there will be more money for the government, and that means there will be a way to pay down the deficit without raising taxes because it will put more people on the tax rolls, rather than having more people without jobs collecting benefits from the government. Now do you understand, because apparently the Obama campaign believes everyone is stupid, and they are buying their political rhetoric – but guess what; I’m not buying it (I am a swing voter) and I thought you should know the truth.
There was a decent article in Fortune Magazine on September 3, 2012 titled; “Romney’s 5-Point Plan for the Economy” by David Whitford and Doris Burke. I suggest that you read that article, so you can understand how the left-leaning political operatives are mischaracterizing Romney’s plan, and trying to brand it as if it isn’t feasible. It is feasible, it will work, and the sooner we vote President Obama out of office in my opinion, the better for this great nation of ours and our economy, and your job. Please consider all this and think on it.


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