Content is King – The Small Business Key to Online Success


Image result for Content is KingOne of the most important factors of any successful small business SEO campaign comes in the form of a tandem that must be ever present – content and linking. And as the ole’ SEO adage goes “Content is King and Links are Queen.” Well, we can even embellish on that famous quote with perhaps “Content is King, Links are Queen and we all know who reigns supreme in the kingdom.” It all comes down to relevance. If you produce good content, others will link to your site. Self fabricated linking works but only if content ensues.
For a small business owner, one of the biggest challenges they face is keeping pace with regular website content updates. Getting regular updates for websites is not an option if you are to be successful – without it, you are doomed to SERP (Search Engine Results Page) mediocrity.
The problem: where does the busy small business owner find the time, Business owners are just too busy keeping up with day to day activities to write about their business or industry. Updating their website seems on the surface, a low priority, almost mundane task on the already overwhelming day to day To-Do list.
There are many options to keep pace with content creation, here are a few:
1. Ghost Writers
This option has many benefits as well as potential pitfalls. General content writers, or “ghost writers” as they are sometimes referred, are great for building niche websites. But may not be the best option for the business owner trying to keep quality standards high. Unless you find a writer that is willing to put forth the effort for research and writing quality articles, you may end up spending more time reviewing and kicking it back for modifications than it’s worth.
2. Specialty Writers
Quality definitely improves a notch or two, but cost rises as well. Specialty writers are many times, the best option for the well established business owner that simply needs well written content to keep their SERP at a high level. But the cost of retaining somebody that writes specifically for your industry is generally higher than other writers.
3. DIY (Do it Yourself)
Many times, the DIY option is the only option for the business owner. In terms of relevance this is also probably the best option. After all, nobody knows and understands the business better than the owner or people that work for the company. However for the time strapped business owner, it isn’t always a realistic option.
If the DIY route seems like the best avenue for you, I have some time saving tips that you can incorporate to cut the time needed to write content. It will also give you some great writing ideas as well.
Putting these tips into action, will not only help your website marketing campaign, you’ll learn a number of things about your industry and even who is talking about your business.


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