Clear Your Desk – Organizing the Clutter


Image result for Organizing the ClutterIs your desk always full and cluttered, If so, you may be doing damage to your productivity. Follow these tips to help tidy up your work space. Start by clearing off your desk at the end of every working day.
Paper will probably be your biggest challenge, clutter-wise. Take all paperwork off of the desk and file into clearly labeled file folders. Then take these folders off of the desk and store away. If you need a few pieces of the information in the documents regularly, put the information on a cheat sheet and keep this sheet under your mouse.
A wireless printer is a big space saver. You can do away with clutter from cables. Plus, you don’t have to have the printer close to your computer so it doesn’t have to be on the desk. Your printer is not the only computer equipment that you can get with wireless technology. See if you can’t find a mouse and keyboard that use wireless technology as well. If you can use these, you can then put the items in your desk drawer when you aren’t using them. Then you have no clutter from cords, and no clutter from they keyboard or mouse itself.
A good old fashioned pencil cup works wonders for getting accessories under control. Keep your pencils and pens you use regularly in the cup. The rest should be put away in a drawer. Digital media (DVDs, CDs) should be put up in a storage container such as a notebook media organizer.
Photos can be desk clutter too if they are handled incorrectly. Be sure to limit the number you display. Put out only one, or else group all photos together in a photo cube or collage frame. If you have a lot of pictures you want to be able to display, get a digital picture frame. These let you rotate digital images, and they all show through the same frame with the quality of high-definition televised images.


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