Tesla Debuts $35,000 Model 3, Makes Global Revenue Online-Only

Tesla Inc said on Thursday that it wouldn’t be profitable in the first quarter, since it offered for the very first time a $35,000 (approximately Rs. 24,84,000) version of its Model 3 sedan and stated its international sales would currently be online-only, steps made to boost demand and cut overhead costs for the electric car […]

Xiaomi Partners With Light to Bring’DSLR-Level’ Imaging to Its Phones

Light has announced it has partnered with Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi to Create imaging solutions for smartphones.

Buying Software to Handle Risk and Compliance Issues

Business owners need to be tech savvy. This is because there are many different types of software that...

Huawei’s Efforts at Stealing Apple Trade Secrets Detailed: Report

Chinese Technology giant Huawei has been involved in"a pattern of dubious tactics" to steal technology from its...

A Human Just Triumphed Over IBM’s 6-Year-Old AI Debater

IBM fell short in its Most Recent attempt to prove machines May triumph over man.

Huawei Open to Western Supervision, States Executive at Speech

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Needs cyber-security to be Regarded as a technical Instead of ideological Dilemma and...

Apple Disables Group FaceTime Following Major Privacy Bug Discovered

After a bug with Significant privacy implications was discovered at Apple's implementation of Group FaceTime, the Cupertino-based...

German Student Admits to Information Hack Which Hit Merkel and Others

A student confessed to one of Germany's biggest data breaches, police said on Tuesday, ending the mystery...

Google Shifted $23 Billion to Tax Haven Bermuda in 2017, Filing Shows

The amount through Google Netherlands Holdings BV was approximately EUR 4 billion over in 2016, the documents,...

Flipkart, Amazon Hit as Government Looks to Ban Online Exclusives, Place Other Restrictions

India will ban e-commerce companies like Amazon.com and Walmart-owned Flipkart Group from selling products from companies in...

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to Be Published on April 5

Samsung on Thursday said it will release its Initial 5G smartphone at first week of April in South Korea, Which Makes It the world’s first mobile device with All the next-generation System Capacity. The South Korean tech giant said Galaxy S10’s 5G model will go on sale on April 5, without a pre-order programme, Yonhap […]

Netflix Testing That a Mobile-Only Subscription Plan in India, Confirms Streaming Service

Netflix is testing a mobile-only subscription Program in India that costs Rs. 250 a month, half of...

Google Doodle Showing Up on Search Widget for Some Android Users

The Google logo transforms into a more creative, often eclectic, style symbolising the value of that date....