Career Truths, Facts and Obstacles: Career Development in an Unstable Market, 3 Tips


Image result for Career TruthsThe facts are in and the truth is that career development is taking a different shape as job markets are slow to hire. Some people have been unemployed for over a year and have no job prospects for the future.
Many people are having to rethink how they can stabilize their income losses and rebuild a career in a market that is outsourcing vs. acquiring long-term staff.
Here are 3 tips that will help you equalize your income flow and stabilize those career fluctuations.
Diversify your income streams: Take your career and turn it into a diversified income structure. Make it so that you can be hired on a per project basis as well as hired as a consultant. This will require that you become familiar with how to set up a home office business. Make sure you have an online presence so companies know that you are available for projects, consultations and long term employment.
Learn to develop an online business: Building an online business has never been so easy to do as it is now. If you are new to online business I would check out how you can earn money by starting and developing a blog. A blog is the lowest cost online business startup and it can develop into a long term profit generating machine, helping you produce long term income. You can surround the topic of your blog based on your current career skill sets and this will help you advertise ‘you’ for free.
Write an EBook for the career industry you are hoping to hire into and place it on the blog and this will entice companies who are looking for your skill sets to contact you. Also, when you place an opt-in box on your blog, you will then have the company email address and a contact person to send your resume to.
You can learn to write an EBook because it is also simple and easy to do. Google, “How to Write an EBook” and follow the format. Learn article marketing and begin to drive traffic and promote yourself online.
If you think that you are not technical enough to start an online business then now is your time. Never before has technology been so easy to learn or use. Also, every year it gets easier and easier. It has become so simple to use that now it is mostly just point and click. You can learn in no time at all and begin to turn your situation around and stabilize your income.
Find new careers with long-term traction: Before you get too excited about a career change, make sure that there is some traction in that industry. Just because you read about it on a school brochure about how many people they are hiring right now, still go do your research yourself. Education is a business just like a restaurant is a business. Look at the menu and see if it is what you’d like before you spend your money. If they are anticipating a huge number of people to need services in an industry, find out how many years that will last.
Find out if there is actual career advancement and to what level your pay scale will cap out. Can this career be shipped overseas, Are salaries growing in this industry, Can you turn this new career into a home office business, Can you be hired on a per project basis, Can you become a consultant in a few years learning this new industry, If you don’t look out for you, then who will,
If your self esteem level is helping you pick mediocrity then you are sabotaging yourself again by letting others make decisions for you. This is so important to know because career development is something that is your response-ability. Make sure that you choose a career that will help you become successful well into the future.


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