Bureaucratic Management of Public Companies – Where Socialism Proves Its Theoretical Flaws


Image result for Bureaucratic ManagementThe last thing you want government to do is to get involved in private enterprise. Capitalism does best when it is allowed to self correct without government interference. Often, there are socialists amongst the ranks of the Democratic Party in the United States. Although they cloak themselves and call themselves things like progressives, there really is not much progression in Socialism. It’s long been proven in history not to work, and going back to something that doesn’t work is not progressive.
Each time the government gets involved with private enterprise or the running of public companies it puts an overlay of bureaucratic management, which strangles the company’s future prospects. The interference with Chrysler and General Motors, which is now jokingly referred to as “Government Motors” by the financial news stations, is one example of why you never want government running companies. Governments are bureaucracies and they don’t understand the profit motive. Making a profit comes last on their list of goals.
If you want to see where Socialism breaks down and proves itself a theoretical fraud you have to go beyond the theory and watch it operate in the real world. Hitler was a socialist, and NAZI Germany was socialist, that is a historical fact. Things did not turn out too well if you will recall. Are we to make the same or similar mistakes here in the United States, No, I’m not saying that were going to go have a world war three, or go wipe out an entire race of people, I’m talking about the collapse and the fall, the implosion, and the historical disaster of the Third Reich.
One can only shake their heads in amazement as to why our government would get into the business of manufacturing cars. Now, that the United States government owns a huge stake in General Motors and Chrysler it wants to exercise its influence over the executive decisions of the company.
It claims that the executives of the prior made horrible mistakes and forced the company into bankruptcy, which is true, however hasn’t the United States of America also gotten itself into huge debt and may eventually force our entire nation into bankruptcy. I don’t see how there’s much difference. Further, the current Chrysler only exists because it was too big to fail last time. Remember the Lee Iacocca years,
And I certainly don’t trust the government to run a business for profit. Maybe you see things differently and you’d like to argue otherwise, but if so, I ask you to bring your facts and figures and your sharpened pencil if you’d like to argue a different point of contention here. That is a direct challenge, so please consider this.


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