Best Exercises to Gain Weight


Aside from taking to a wholesome diet with the resolve to eat more calories than spending, you need to incorporate some exercises in your weight reduction plan to build muscles.

Having muscles would ensure that whatever you eat gets transformed is absorbed into the body. Both these aspects of a weight gain regimen are inseparable.

Keep the workouts short but intense, i.e. under one hour.

If you want to gain mass, look to free weight exercises that strain your large muscles. Some examples include deadlifts, squats, pull ups bar dips and bench presses.

Your repetitions must be low and weights should be heavy. Taking 3 minutes of rest between sets is sufficient.

Do not perform more than two or three exercises per body part.

Normally, people with very high metabolism have reduced weight. They should train with greater intensity nevertheless be less frequent in their workouts. Workout three days a week only but different body components for each of these days, i.e. chest biceps and shoulders on a single day back and biceps on the other, and legs and abs on the next day.

To get the best out of the exercises, ensure you train with the ideal number of repetitions and sets in each exercise. Moreover, make sure that you are not overtraining as that will defeat the goal of gaining weight. As already mentioned, working out three days a week is an ideal program for gaining weight. It is essential for you to include exercises on your weight reduction programme as merely having healthful foods and increased calorie isn’t conducive to healthy weight reduction.


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