Behavior of a Sick Dog


Image result for Sick DogWhen your dog gets sick, all kind of symptoms and behavior changes appear, clearly signaling that something is wrong. Signals can range from small changes in behavior to very vivid signs like vomiting and diarrhea. But also if your dog refuses to eat or starts to drool may be signs of illnesses, therefore recognizing the warning signs is a very important call for action on your side. Do not forget that the dog is looking at you as its leader and expects you to help it if it is in pain.
It is always a wise choice to go to see a vet if your dog displays unusual behavior and any of the mentioned symptoms are appearing. Do not wait until your dog becomes seizures, has serious difficulty to breathe or collapses. When in doubt, a call to your vet may put your concerns to rest or prompt a visit. Some symptoms may be recognizable and you may be able to remedy or reduce the symptoms, but do not experiment on your dog and make sure a qualified professional assesses your dog’s condition.
Bloating can cause severe pain in your animal’s stomach, the reasons for it being all different, but the manifestation of the symptoms is visible in your dog’s behavior. If your dog paces around and seems very restless, then it is a clear indication of discomfort or even pain. If it tries to vomit, but fails to produce any matter, it’s called unproductive retching, then you are having a dog with the condition commonly called bloat and you need to get your vet on the phone.
Almost everyone knows that when a dog has a dry and warm nose, then the dog is sick. But if it does not want to eat, you should not consider that an affront to your culinary prowess. Weight loss is a definite sign that your dog is in trouble, even if none of the other symptoms are evident.
If your dog is drinking an excessive amount of water and urinating much more than usual, it is a sure sign of a serious illness, the least being an infection of the urinary tract, the worst being kidney failure. On the other hand, dog having trouble urinating or even displaying visible discomfort when doing it is in a serious condition as well and if licking itself in that region and looking at it is becoming a constant action, then all warning signs shall go up, your dog is in grave danger.
Make sure you keep a keen eye on your dog, early detection of problems reduces the risk of permanent damage considerably.


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