Baby Boomer Business – 3 Challenges to Watch Out For in Social Media & What to Do About Them


Image result for Baby Boomer BusinessHow can you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube effectively for your small business,
Social media is an excellent way to engage in honest conversations with your clients, customers and potential clients and customers. A good campaign can be extremely effective for a small home based business on a budget. You can share stories of your ups and downs which will humanize you and you become more credible in the eyes of your potential customer. This will make it easier to relate to your business – and, in the end, provide more sales and traffic to your website or blog
Most people can see social media as something they really can do. Not like being told you have to create a website, that seems really overwhelming. The whole social media arena just seems more attainable to more people. However, it is very easy to get excited about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and bite off more than you can chew.
Here are 3 challenges that you need to watch out for…
Ya Gotta Play Big: Are there really any ‘secrets’ behind social media, One lesson that you, for the sake of your home based business would be smart to learn early on, it’s that you must be real, it is a key for social media success. The ‘halfway’ attempts you can see all over the place can actually be more damaging than helpful to you and your on line reputation.
Sleepless Nights: Social media at first, a time stealer. Having someone show you how, leveraging off the expertise of others will ensure that time spent on education is as streamlined as possible. There may, however, be a considerable learning curve and time investment. Realize that up front, plan for it and you will achieve success much more easily.
Where Are My Sales,: Powerful communication and marketing tool, Absolutely! Clients instantly lining up at your door the day after you get on twitter, Probably not. Building awareness and a presence on line using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube takes time, and this period varies from person to person. It really depends upon how much time and energy you invest in the process.
Bonus Tip – What The Heck Am I Doing,: This question will come up from time to time. Before you begin with social media you will need to sit down, do some goal-setting and set up measurable targets for success. Keep those goals in front of you so that you can remain focused on exactly what you need to be doing. What type of content will you post, how will you engage people, and how frequently will you be doing all of these tasks. Remember to keep track of what you are doing, you MUST be able to measure your success.


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