Article Marketing, An Unused Key for Local Businesses


Image result for Article MarketingThe web grows larger with every passing day but at the same time is attracting smaller and smaller users and they are just now seeing the benefits of article marketing. This type of SEO has long been used by certain types of sites but as the web grows more crowded it is becoming important for small, local business to employ articles in their marketing as well.
When the Internet was still in its infancy there was very little need for SEO as only the largest companies were using the web. If you wanted to see the site for large soda company or car maker you would go right to them. It was when e-commerce started that SEO became important. It was quickly found that article marketing was the most efficient way to market their sites. This was about this time that the smaller, local sites came about.
Like the large sites at the beginning of the Internet, there was little need for SEO. People knew that Bob’s Pets in Lincoln, Nebraska had a site and would go to that site to it to find what they needed. Thing have been changing, however, as more and more small, local businesses get their own sites. Now in Lincoln, you might also have Pete’s Pets, Jane’s Pets and Julio’s Pet’s as well. The Internet has now replaced the yellow pages.
Unlike phone directories, the Internet, specifically search engines, do not care about alphabetical order but rather the pages relevance. To build relevance you use SEO and its most effect tool is article marketing.
Many small business owners worry that they might not be up to the task of writing a good SEO article nor do they know what to do with it once they do. That should not be a reason to worry as there are plenty of on-line sources to help you as well as writers and marketers that are very affordable. A small amount spent on article marketing will be money well spent.


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