Are You Trying to Get Rid of Your Drinking Problem


Image result for Drinking ProblemMost of us living in this world have had to deal with all kinds of vices. We have been tempted by the advertising media, television, friends, peers, and a plethora of other means. One of the vices that is deemed socially acceptable is drinking alcohol. Alcohol comes in various forms and flavors, from wine, to beer, to hard liquor. To complicate matters even more different cultures have different morays associated with drinking alcohol. In some European countries drinking beer is almost like drinking water in other parts. Some have even given medicinal value to drinking one glass of wine a day.
Before we throw out the baby with the bath water, let’s look at what is really going on here. Alcohol has its place in our lives; there is no question about that. The questions really are: How much is appropriate, When is it appropriate, For who is it appropriate,
Clearly doing anything in moderation is the best approach, because too much alcohol leads to impaired judgement, among many things. Drinking to get rid of the daily stress or to ‘get away from it’ is an escape, and not a good one at that. As for who: there are some cultures where anyone can consume alcohol, it is accepted. In those cultures there is typically not a large alcoholic problem, but in other cultures teen age alcoholism is on the rise, and that needs to be dealt with.
So here are some questions you may want to consider to see where you fare relative to alcohol:

Do you drive under the influence of alcohol, however small the intake might have been,

Do you operate machinery under the influence of alcohol, however small the intake might have been,

Are you drinking while being pregnant,

Do you hide these facts from the doctor when questioned,

Do you use drinking as an excuse to help you fall asleep,

Do you use drinking as an excuse to stay happy, calm and collected,

Does drinking help with easing depressing and troubling stressful thoughts,

Do you worry about your running out of alcohol when you drink socially,

Does drinking ever bring about the feeling of guilt in you,

Do you drink in the mornings as an excuse to help you get up and feel fresh,

Do you drink in the mornings as an excuse of getting help in getting rid of a hangover from last night,

Has anyone close to you ever commented on this habit of yours,

Have you ever hurt anyone because of this habit,

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, even a single one, you are very likely in need of help in getting away from the addiction of alcohol. If so you may be able to use these situations as a reason to stop. You have to realize that the people around you, your family and friends, will be better able to judge your drinking issue than you. We all have a tendency to make things out as less important as they really are.
There are as many reasons to drink alcohol as there are people. The question and issue is about you and your life. For the most part alcohol does not improve your health; instead it can lead to serious health issues like liver and kidney problems and others as well.
The first thing you need to do is to be honest with yourself. If you can’t do that, you are setting your recovery back with every day you still drink. Since you do not see your drinking as a problem, you won’t see the need to do anything about it, regardless of what anyone else will tell you.
You need to decide if you want really want to get past this drinking problem. There are 12 step programs and other support groups available to help. You need to reach out and ask for help. It’s there if you take the first step. For your sake and all of the rest of us please reach out and ask for help. It’s waiting for you.


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