Apple Continues to Lead Global Tablet Market since Amazon Takes Third Spot: IDC


Apple Continues to Lead Global Tablet Market as Amazon Takes Third Spot: IDCApple continued to lead Because the Worldwide Pill market Dropped 8.6 percent during the third quarter of 2018 as shipments fell to 36.4 million, the International Data Corporation (IDC) reported.

Samsung maintained its standing as the next top tablet manufacturer and became the third biggest pill manufacturer in the third quarter, said that the IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker on Friday.

Slate tablets accounted for the vast majority of the market with 31.6 million units, down 7.9 percent in the preceding year.

Detachable tablets also decreased, down 13.1 percent from the preceding calendar year, to account for 4.8 million unit shipments.

“The detachable market has failed to see growth in 2018, a worrying trend which has plagued the category off and on as the end of 2016,” said Lauren Guenveur, Senior Research Analyst for IDC’s Tablet team.

With 26.6 percent, Apple continued to lead the tablet market with nearly double the shipments of its nearest competitor.

The refreshed $329 iPad with Pencil support that started in late March continued to push volume.

Samsung’s detachable portfolio climbed , however that growth was outweighed by continued declines in the masterpiece group. The business registered 14.6 percent market share globally.

Huawei at fourth spot was the only company among the top 5 to provide year-over-year tablet shipments growth in 3Q 2018.

Lenovo rounded out the top 5 with 2.3 million units shipped in the next quarter, a decline of almost 25 percent compared to a year ago.

“Not only do all these markets go in sync with one another, but the decreasing margins and total decline, especially in slate pills, has led to the top 5 companies capturing a bigger share as many tiny sellers have spilled the distance,” he said.


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