An Overview Of The Starcraft 2 Background


Image result for Starcraft 2 BackgroundAt its most primal level, the Starcraft 2 background boils down to a fight for supremacy between three different parties. That is not something we haven’t seen before, but what makes this particular fight so interesting is that they all have advantages over one another, similar to checks and balances.
Choose One Out Of Three
Starcraft 2 offers you the choice of three distinct races to play as, each with their unique strengths. It is best for you to understand them if you wish to beat your friends in online matches.
The Terrans
The Terrans are the easiest to identify with, since they are humans who possess nothing more than really advanced technology, which allows for inter-stellar flight. This technology also allows for some awesome displays of firepower via their Siege Tanks, Thors and Nuclear Bombs.
Their bodies need to be protected by layers of metal and they make use of complex machinery to both gather resources and wage war. This leads to one of the most unique characteristics of the Terrans, the fact that they can repair their mechanical units.
Just like the human species as a whole, they are very hardy and adaptable. Translated into gaming terms this means that they can move their buildings around the map, allowing for some very interesting positioning strategies.
The Terrans have the best defensive capabilities in the game, being the most adept at walling themselves in and protecting their base.
The Protoss
The Protoss are a very old and highly advanced species both technologically and mentally as they have access to powerful psionic abilities that the other races do not. Their advanced technology allows for all of their units to be protected by powerful force shields.
Despite their great psionic powers and effective shielding technology, the Protoss are firm believers in training their bodies; so much so that the Zealot, the exemplary unit of the Protoss, is a perfect embodiment of all of those characteristics.
The Zealot is a melee fighter who uses dual arm-mounted blades made from the focusing of their psionic powers. Due to the fact that it has both armor and a shield, it is a power to reckon with in melee combat.
The Protoss are a very flexible race being able to attack aggressively or defend themselves; however, they have difficulty doing both at the same time.
The Zerg
The Zerg represent the epitome of selective and accelerated evolution. They are a completely biological race, developing at an extremely fast rate of evolution by absorbing other species into their collective. They do not make use of any type of technology. Instead, they use the laws of nature to their advantage.
The Zerg has no use for technology as it benefits from an accelerated rate of evolution. And more so it is a type of selective and directed evolution, meaning that when they encounter a species with an ability they need, the Zerg will assimilate them and perfect that ability. Whether it’s the ability of a giant leviathan species meant to allow them to travel through space, or perfecting various evolutionary traits into merciless killing machines.
The Zerg base their war-waging strategies on sheer numbers, being able to produce entire armies of units in a very short amount of time. As such, they tend to focus on very aggressive early game tactics meant to disrupt the enemy’s economy or destroy him.


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