Allergy Friendly Dogs – Best Dogs For Allergies


Image result for Allergy Friendly DogsSo are you looking for allergy friendly dogs, If you or one of your family members is allergic to dogs or has asthma, finding a breed that is safe for allergies is the best way to go.
You know how many different dog breeds are out there, and the good news is, some of them are totally allergy friendly and safe for allergic people. So by choosing one of these breeds, you can rest assured your new friend will be welcomed easily and safely in your home.
So what are the best dogs for allergies, Here are the top breeds to choose from…
– Poodles
– American Hairless Terrier
– Schnauzers
– Bichon Frise
– Kerry Blue Terrier
– Portuguese Water Dog
As a general rule of thumb, breeds who have shorter hair are safer for allergic people. Also it’s important to choose a breed that doesn’t shed hair, because dog hair is the number one reason causing allergies in people and children.
This is especially important if you have children in your house. Because children tend to freely play with their dogs and puppies and when your dog sheds, your children may accidentally swallow or breathe in the hair and it can cause all sorts of irritations.
So make sure you choose a breed with minimum shedding and short hair coat when possible.
To be safe, you can consult with a vet and ask him about the best breeds he recommends for the specific type of allergy you or your family members have. You usually have a few choices among different breeds, so you can choose a dog you like and is allergy friendly.
Best of luck with finding the best allergy friendly dog for your home.


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