All You Need to Know About R4ds Cards


Image result for R4ds CardsWith the advent of latest technologies, the world is finding it easier to perform various activities in a single step, rather than wasting a lot of time and spending a lot on it.
One such technology is that of R4 card technology. With the help of R4 technology, you can store various type of files in your Nintendo DS like save your gaming data, downloaded stuff, music, images etc.
Where to avail the R4DS card,
To avail this exciting technology, you can buy r4 from a reliable online store or visit the nearest Nintendo store. But in order to avail the best prices and a variety of options to choose from, online purchase is considered as the best.
Let us now discuss about various steps to buy the R4 for your DS online.

Visit the site from where you can buy an R4 card.

Select the R4 card you like and the one that fits in your budget as well as needs.

Once you have selected the card you want, select the ‘buy now’ option, which will take you to your virtual cart option.

Once you have registered with the site, enter all the information required to proceed further and submit the information.

The final step is to pay the money to the dealer and wait for the confirmation email that will let you know, your order has gone through.

Upgrading your card
Once you have purchased the type of card you need, setting the card is also important. Though setting up or upgrading your R4 takes a little time, as some of the applications may require the users to install the latest firmware on your R4DS.
Most people doesn’t know the exact procedure of Updating their R4DS. But by following the following simple steps, one can easily update their cards.
Step1- Remove the DS — SLOT1 adapter from your Nintendo DS and remove the micro SD card from it.
Step2- Then insert the micro SD card in the USB adapter and plug in the adapter into your USB port.
Step3- Open the micro SD folder in your PC, copy them in your PC in order to prevent the data loss.
Step4- Download the latest Kernel folder by visiting the R4DS website and open the Kernel folder through WINRAR and extract the folder to your PC desktop.
Step5- Select the contents of the Kernel Folder and drag them to your micro SD drive. Finally eject the drive from your PC and Insert the micro SD drive into the DS Slot 1 adapter and then insert it into your DS.
These steps are useful in saving all the data you need to save in to your card easily and without any effort.


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