Acid Forming Foods


Image result for Acid Forming FoodsAcid forming foods are no less than poison. All diseases emerge from an acidic environment and the intake of food that form acid creates this environment. As a result the immune system of our body gets attacked by various microorganisms and it becomes very hard for our vital organs to carry out their normal functions. Acid forming foods are seriously injurious to health.
Animal flesh tops the chart of acid forming food items. All types of meat such as beef, chicken, oyster, lamb and fish leave an acid ash in our body. The foods high with acid content cause a lot of damage to the body. More than 20 percent of the food that we eat should not contain acid forming foods. The ideal alkaline ratio that is 80 to 20 should be always maintained in the type of food that we have. Dairy products as well as animal fats are also included in the group of such foods. It is advisable to use olive oil for cooking as vegetable oil is also considered as such type of food. The vegetable that falls under this group are lentils, winter squash and corn. Blueberries, currants and cranberries are also acid forming foods.
Alcohols as well as beverages such tea and coffee also falls under this category. Even cold drinks, cocoa and pepper are high in acidic content. One should also try and avoid vinegar as much as possible as it is also acidic in nature. The processed foods that are available in the markets are all such foods and we should try to avoid them. Fresh fruits should be consumed at home and they should always be washed well as not cooked so much. Cooking destroys the essential nutrients and so one should always give preference to raw fruits and vegetables than cooked food.


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