A Unique Slant on the Scale


Image result for Unique Slant on the ScaleI think I’m past my addiction to the scale. I still like to visit it every now and then, but I try to keep it at no more than once a month. This is a big change for me. Over the years I have worshiped at the altar of the scale. Maybe you can relate. Remember those Weight Watcher meetings where you stripped off everything but the basics. No sweaters, lightweight cotton pants instead of jeans, flip-flops (way back when you had to keep your shoes on). I remember I would even take off my earrings and rings to insure the lightest weight possible. It became such an obsession that I finally created my permanent Weight Watcher weigh in outfit-a flimsy lightweight blouse, I think it was crepe, and a pair of shorts and flip flops. No jewelry. Period.
The other part of the ritual was attending an early morning meeting (everyone knows you weigh less in the morning) and not having anything to eat or drink beforehand, even my beloved cup of coffee first thing in the morning. No liquid of any kind could pass these lips until after the weigh in. As I would approach the head of the weigh-in line, I would always stop to visit the ladies room, “just in case”. This was the ritual when I expected a loss. The idea was to maximize the loss. Of course if I expected a gain, it wasn’t so critical because the more I weighed today, the better I would do next week, because of course, in the upcoming week I would tell myself that I would compensate for my errant behavior during the current week. And so it went, week after week.
I had been well trained in these behaviors because during the meeting I was rewarded for the results revealed by the scale. A ribbon, a certificate, a pin, a key, a star, a bookmark. The tokens changed over the years but the basis upon which they were awarded never did and never has. The magic number on the scale. The scale was our god.
Of course, I wasn’t alone. There were many there who went through the same weekly ritual and more than once I saw tears shed when the results were not as expected. If that scale only knew the power it wielded.
Later, over coffee (finally) I would tell my non-diet minded friend about this and we would have a good laugh over how crazy this was, and then go on to talk about sex or something else interesting, but in my heart I knew that I would never be at ease in full normal clothing on the scale. It was just a given.
I’ve been reminiscing about these conversations and it has occurred to me that the scale is a lot like sex. You see, I believe that sex is like a barometer in a relationship. When the relationship is going well the sex is hot, and when the couple experiences an emotional distance between them, which in inevitable at some time in a partnership, then the sex is not so hot and not so frequent. In other words, it’s not the sex that makes a good marriage; it’s a good marriage that makes the sex good.
So it is with food and eating. When the eating is right, the scale cooperates and when the eating is not right– well, I don’t have to tell you about that. You’ve probably been there. As with any theory this is not true 100% of the time, but over all I think it’s pretty “on the money”. So the next time you do decide to step on the scale, remember this article, and instead of wishing you lost more weight, stop fighting with your body. Make peace and be grateful that you’re changing your attitude and building a better relationship with food and your eating habits.
Remember the words of Julia Child, “Life itself is the greatest binge.”


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