7 Top Reasons Why You Should Start A Side Business


Image result for Side BusinessWe are living in an age where more and more people are faced with the challenges of earning enough money that would help them to support their families. Having a 9 to 5 job does no longer provide the financial security that it did a generation ago, and the cost of living has risen sharply, as well. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem! The solution is to take matters into your own hands by creating multiple income sources independently, without having to rely on a job. The simplest and probably most satisfying form of it – not just financially, but emotionally and spiritually, too – is to start your own side business. If you want, without any startup capital, at all.
So, let’s see the most common reasons why people usually decide to start their own side business, even if they are initially complete newbies to the world of entrepreneurship.
1. Earn more money, overcome financial instability:
An own company is a perfect channel for creating extra income independently. It gives you the opportunity to make money without external employment. Your earnings potential is not limited by a set wage – as opposed to what the norm is when taking a job – but by your own efforts, and if you work hard and smart, the limit is the sky. Who says you can’t turn your skills into millions of dollars of income within a couple of years,
2. Fulfillment, finding your true vocation:
A common reason for people not feeling completely satisfied with their lives, even if they have a great career, is the lack of purpose. When you feel that you have a purpose in life, a true vocation, and you find it and act on it, then you become a much more confident and satisfied person. A side business can provide you with fulfilling your calling. Just think about your childhood dreams. What did you fantasize about when adults asked you the question of what you wanted to be as a grown up, Do you still chase that dream, And what about your current fantasies, Is there a career path that you feel passionate about and if you had the chance you would start that career right away, Why not start a business around it, You could now become the person you were dreaming about and you could do it on your own terms.
3. Building a business around your passions:
This is somewhat similar to the previous entry. Our passions are counted among the strongest driving force in life. When you can find a subject or a cause that you are passionate about and decide to launch a startup around it, your passion will provide enough motivation for getting through more challenging times and to keep working hard. Even if you don’t feel the financial rewards at the beginning, you will have the benefit of spending your time with something enjoyable. We only have one life. Spending it worthwhile and in a fulfilling way becomes increasingly important as we age. Making sure you stop wasting your years on projects and jobs you don’t have your heart in, should be a priority for everyone. The alternative is just so much more rewarding.
4. Starting new things, developing new skills:
Becoming an entrepreneur forces you to widen your horizons and to start thinking differently about the world around you. Among other things, you will begin to see obstacles and failures as opportunities. This will prompt you to seek new ways of solving problems and to spot and seize chances. It also involves developing new skills, learning entirely foreign concepts and discovering hidden or unknown hobbies and interests. As a result of this you have the chance to become a more versatile individual being.
5. Meeting new people and making new friends:
When you launch an own business you will be able to connect with like-minded people who share your passions and interests. Apart from building professional partnerships, it also opens the window to striking friendships with fellow enthusiasts that may last for a life time. Starting and building an own business requires to develop a couple of entrepreneurial skills. Two crucial ones of these skills are networking and communication. As you grow your enterprise you will inevitably come into contact with other people, even if it’s only restricted to answering comments on your blog. But as you practice it more and more often, you will become better at communication, you will learn how to approach and handle potential partners, customers and prospects and you will become more confident in forming not only business but personal relationships with these people.
6. Becoming an authority figure in your field:
Being passionate about a subject makes it easier to establish yourself as an expert. When you start a side business in a field that you have great interest for, gasping as much knowledge about that subject area as you can will become less of a burden and more of pure joy. Your thirst for more information about your field of interest will help you to acquire expertise quickly and eventually will lead you to become an expert on it. Of course, it won’t happen overnight, but if you strategically build a professional image about yourself right from the start, it will be easier to ‘sell’ the idea that you are an authority figure in your field. Authority status attracts money, prestige, lots of opportunities and a following of dedicated and like-minded ‘fans’.
7. The right age. It was never that easy to start a side business:
The bar to entering the world of entrepreneurship and become a business owner has been set so low in our age that the only reason for not starting an own business would be that you don’t want to. The internet has made it possible to execute a business idea with minimal startup capital and in a relatively short period of time. Launching an online business is the best example for that. You can buy a domain name and web hosting for a couple of bucks and set up a proper website within minutes using free tools. If you want to earn a side income independently through your own skills and knowledge, than now is the perfect time to cater to your ambitions and kickstart an own business.
Entrepreneurship is a journey to unexplored places. It’s a way to get to know yourself better. You can find your true vocation along the path, strike new friendships with people you meet, and discover new skills and interests within yourself. If you fear that you are not ‘business-savvy’ enough, that can be overcome, too. It’s never too late to develop and hone the skills that are necessary to succeed, because most of these skills are learnable, you just have to start practicing them. Of course, starting a business does involve risks, but if you look at the big picture, it’s usually worth it. It takes courageous to step out of your comfort zone, but that’s where the adventure begins. So why not do so,


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