3D TV Technology is Here and a New Evolution in Entertainment Has Begun


Image result for 3D TV TechnologyRemember when the old 3D movies from yesteryear, Cheap and cheesy effects but still a bit fun too as you get to wear those cool (dorky) red and blue 3D glasses to make the action come off screen and right into your face. Even though these were cool for it’s time, today is a different story.
With the huge success of James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ in 3D the world has been a buzz waiting for this new 3D TV technology to enter our living rooms, don’t blink because it has arrived.
So what is the big deal, it is the same thing as the old 3D stuff right, Oh know it is not. Major changes include high definition 3D for one without the low grade looking graphics of years past, now it looks more real than life itself. The 3D glasses are different too, no more red and blue as they just look like a normal pair of sunglasses with all the 3D technology built into each lens with specific glasses made for 3D gaming, TV, etc.
Only a select few of 3D TV’s and home projectors have hit the market at this time or writing with the summer of 2010 to be the major launch of everything 3D. You will see upgraded video games, TV shows, movies made to match up with the new 3D TV’s and Blu-ray players being produced by all the major electronic companies. Can you imagine the intense fun of playing a shoot em up video game in 3D,! As you may have noticed there are plenty of movies in theaters right now that are viewable in a three dimensional platform thus awaiting their anticipated release on a 3D blu-ray disc for the purpose of enjoying it on your home entertainment system.
These new high definition televisions will be the thinnest ever coming in LED, LCD, DLP, and Plasma varieties all with 1080p respectively. This is just the tip of the iceberg as this new 3D TV technology will also include a more user friendly platform which Samsung has introduced as applications similar to Apple’s apps for their iPhone. You will be able to go online via the Internet using your new 3D TV and use these “apps” to make your viewing experience of games, TV, and movies just that more better and exiting all from your multi-use remote and from sitting on your couch. Syncing your computer directly to your TV will make this all possible.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does!


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