3 Steps to the Best Web Conferencing Solution – They Are Not One-Size-Fits-All


Image result for Web Conferencing SolutionBeing charged with evaluating web conferencing solutions for your corporation, small business, or family can be quite a challenge. Sure, you could just go out and find the most popular solution or choose the first one that comes up in a Google search. But, in doing so you may be doing yourself a disservice.
There are actually a host of related – but in many significant ways very distinct – web conferencing solutions on the market today. They go by various product descriptions, such as online meeting, web meeting, webinar and web conference call software. And indeed, their features and functions differ not only due to price, but to the fact they each system was designed with a different purpose in mind.
If you are looking for the best web conferencing solution for your enterprise or small business, here are 3 steps to getting you going in the right direction:
1. Understand the web conferencing landscape:
Like any journey, you should start this one by getting a lay of the land. Each solution was made for a different purpose. Here the main categories of available conferencing solutions:
* Simple online meetings: to share voice, video and desktop views among a small group of people
* Webinars: for large, one-to-many broadcasts of words and video
* Online & IT support: designed to allow someone to remotely take control of another person’s computer for troubleshooting or support purposes
* Enterprise work collaboration: enables people who are located remotely from each other to get work done via web applications, CAD, or other software
* Training & education: designed for the purposes of e-learning and at-a-distance training
2. Know the signs of the right provider for you:
Once you have decided which general area of application for which you will be using your new conferencing system, the next step is to create a shortlist of 2-3 solution providers. Each provider should satisfy these conditions:
* right price range for your budget
* has a good industry reputation
* is backed by a large company or holding corporation (to ensure product support longevity)
* has the features you need
3. Compare feature lists:
Now, for each of the 2-3 provides on your list, conduct a feature-by-feature comparison of each one. Keep track of your research in a spreadsheet. Hint: mark each feature in one of 3 ways: needed, nice-to-have, and not needed.
Take these 3 steps to find the right web conferencing solution for you or your company.


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