2 Tips on Eating For Success!


Image result for Eating For SuccessWell first off it shouldn’t become a challenge for you. We want this process to be as simple as possible so that you see success from it. Success is you reaching your weight loss goals!
Here is a quick calculation you can use to figure out the number of calories you need approximately each day.
1. Take your Goal Weight (the weight you want to be at not current) and multiply that by 10. You find your goals weight. For example, you currently weigh 160 but you want to be 140. 140 X 10 = 1400. 1400 is the number of calories you need to eat each day if you want to lose those 20lbs.
2. Let’s take it a step further. How many calories do I need in each meal, Take 1400 and divide by 6 and you will find the number of calories you need to eat in each meal. In this example it is: 233. You will each about 6 times per day and if you eat 5 times per day then you need to divide 1400 by 5.
3. Here is a sample day as to what it might look like:
1 egg/2 egg white omelet w/ spinach
Cottage cheese w/ carrot sticks
Fish or a lean protein like Chicken or Lean Beef
Prograde Workout Drink
Lean beef or chicken
Green beans
Cottage cheese & strawberries
1) Your nutrition program doesn’t need to be crazy.
Don’t get crazy or obsessed when starting a new eating plan. Simple changes each day go a lot farther than you might think.
Start with eating more fruits and vegetables. Have about 8-9 servings a day. Don’t try and go with a diet that is low-carb since these always fail to be the long term eating plan of choice.
2) Bye Bye Junk Food!
Look I know that we all have our vices and mine is Chocolate probably like many of yours. But do you really need all that junk food, chips, cookies, candy, Etc….. I didn’t think so, think of your sweets as a treat and I don’t mean an everyday treat. If you have been good 90% of the week then reward yourself.
Yes It’s That Easy!
Until Next Time
Your Fit Coach


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